Hauser Precision Turning Parts

All around precise. Since more than 65 years.

Complex precision turned parts completely manufactured
on automatic cam machines, special automatic machines
and CNC lathes.

With us, everything revolves around your parts.


Turning parts - small and precise

On our automatic lathes, we manufacture any precision turned parts for you up to a diameter of 13 millimeters from any desired material.

Precision of course.
Complexity is not a problem.

Reliability is a must.

Complex turned parts

Our well-equipped machine park enables us to meet any requirement in the manufacture of precision turned parts reliably and to your complete satisfaction.

We have:
– Curve-controlled machines
– CNC lathes
– Ring and rotary indexing machines



Special Solutions

As specialists in the manufacture of all kinds of precision turned parts from a wide variety of materials and for a wide range of industries, we have earned an excellent reputation.

We manufacture for:
automotive industry / electrical industry / watch industry / and many more


What can we do for you?

Do not hesitate to ask us about your parts.
We are also happy to help you solve any kind of problem!

We are your problem solver.

We are also the right partner for you for difficult tasks with regard to precise precision turned parts.

We have a weakness for solving problems and are at your side at all times, even with the realization of complicated turned parts. We optimize the production process in close consultation with you and achieve exactly the result you specified.

Surface treatment and further processing included.

Of course, we can always deliver all parts including the required surface treatments and remuneration. In addition, we have various long-term contacts with partner companies who always carry out this work reliably and on time.

Herbert Hauser GmbH is your competent partner at all times for all tasks relating to precision turned parts and precision turned parts of all kinds.

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