Certified services according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Precision guaranteed

Quality according to the zero-defect principle is an absolute priority at Herbert Hauser GmbH. Certification to underpin this claim is therefore simply a logical consequence.

We also meet this claim at all times with modern and reliable equipment of measuring instruments and state-of-the-art measuring stations. All of our employees know what is important and are committed to the highest quality at all times.

Quality Hauser Feindrehteile
Quality Hauser Feindrehteile

Accurate at any time

In addition to our high standards of quality and precision, we also fulfil all special requirements of our customers at all times with regard to individual logging or special test reports.


We have suitable testing equipment to meet every requirement in the best possible way.

  • Digital measuring device for concentricity
  • Automated series testing
  • Calibrated and tested measuring equipment

It goes without saying that we are always certified according to the latest standards.

hauser-feindrehteile-qualitätssicherung-39114-1369-2 Hauser Feindrehteile