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We consider ourselves your partner in the production of precision turned parts. It therefore goes without saying we actively support you in the development of your precision turned parts right from the start.

We know no problems – only solutions.

Problem solving Hauser Feindrehteile

Problem definition

You need a special precision turned part.

Already during the planning of your turned part, a number of questions arise which should be clarified before a possible production:

– You have questions about general feasibility.
– You are unsure whether and how individual details can be implemented.
– You are unsure which surface finish is optimal.
– You need advice regarding special requirements.
– The question of whether the required function can be guaranteed is unresolved.

Just ask us!


We get together.

We look at your requirements, discuss all the problem areas and the opportunities that arise and then decide on joint implementation.

– Together we draw up a specification sheet.
– We produce initial samples for you.
– We check and record all results.
– If necessary, corrections or required changes are implemented.

Evaluation of the results.



When all requirements are fulfilled to your satisfaction, the production phase begins.

– Production in the required quantity, reproducible at any time.
– Delivery of your turned parts including test protocols and documentation.
– Guaranteed batch traceability.

Your perfect precision turned part.

Task completed

How can we help you?

Do not hesitate to ask us for your parts.
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